Pavement Signs

We offer an extensive selection of robust pavement signs. The range includes A-boards, swinging signs and chalk boards – all of which are available in various styles and sizes. The Signwedge, Classic and Switch are designed with a heavy duty PVC base, and the Aquabase has a water fillable base to give additional stability.

For the full range please download the .pdf at the bottom of the page.


Forecourt Signs

A choice of two styles of forecourt sign, Icon or H2O Swingmaster. The materials used to manufacture the Icon make it our most hardwearing sign. It is a double-sided poster holder and uses magnetic front covers to hold the graphics in place The H2O is also double-sided and uses a snap opening frame to hold the graphics. Both units have water fillable bases with wheels attached to aid manoeuvrability.



The snapframe range includes Gripframes, Information Points, Light boxes and Poster snappers; all of which are available in several different sizes. Each of the snapframe products is manufactured from anodised aluminium extrusions.